Chat and Chatori Baat at Kakda


After 4 months and 3 failed attempts, we were finally able to plan and execute this visit to Kakda Ramprasad, Kilpauk.

We have visited Kakda Ramprasad, Mint Street multiple times, But have only tasted Aloo Tikki, Jalebi and Pani-puri. Never ventured into their menu to find out if anything else is there because when you go to mint street only a single place cannot be on your mind. So whatever we order, we make sure that we are hungry to accommodate more.

Last Sunday we managed finally to be at Kakda. The Moment we got down from our cab, what we looked at was “Oh My God! Crowd”(Blame it on the Sunday chat lover).

This Kakda Ramprasad is a neat and spacious place unlike the Mint street branch, where people will literally squeeze you to pick their order.
This is a Sweet shop where they have put up the chat stalls with few high tables and no chair. Once we settled down with the thought that yes we are here, one of us quickly went straight to the cash counter queue and others were deciding what to order.
And we bhukkads started with the order of 3 Pani-puris, 1 Sevpuri, 1 Bhelpuri, 2 Aloo tikkis, 1 Pav-bhaji. And mind you, all this was for only 3 people. We also wanted to order Grilled Sandwich and Jalebi but our stomach ditched us(I hate it sometimes).


Aloo tikki :-
We have already told you guys about this many times and only thing we want to say is this is our favourite. With that piece of paneer on top of it to lure us, with the perfect blend of all the chutneys and with that perfectly cooked tikki, this is a Winner.


Sevpuri :-
Taken me to Mumbai, you beauty!
Yes, unlike many other places in Chennai they serve sevpuri on the papdi and with that tiny perfectly crispy cooked sev sprinkled all over it.


Bhelpuri :-
Not our type, only bad dish for the day.
It was too dry for us and we won’t order it again when we go back.


Pav-bhaji :-
When a cook knows how much masala is required to make your taste bud go crazy. That is the perfect recipe for of the best places to have pav-bhaji in chennai is this and another best for us is Novelty Tea House. It is served with fresh pav, with butter all over.


Pani-puri :-
They served crispy puri dipped in 3 different type of water; Hing(Asafoetida) ka pani, Jeera(Cumin) ka pani and Pudina(Mint). You can have it with all or you can make a choice, it depends on your liking.

One thing which we liked about this place is the hygiene quotient and that is why you pay more. For us, it was worth every penny we spent.

Picture Credit : – Sumita pai


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