The Breakfast Story: A tale you eat!


They say “If you have a heart, your work becomes an art”. So true!

One such work of art, serving with all the heart is ‘The Breakfast Story’. Located at a peaceful, not-so outskirt location of the city of Nagpur, a step inside and you drown into a different feel. We have been visiting since its inception and till date it never fails to make us fall in love with it every single time. One of best ambiences in the city and equally great food make this place the busiest in the city.

Every corner of this beautiful place is a person; different emotion, different mood. And anyone who enters will have his favourite person (read as corner). Ambience of this place is so pretty that I can go on and on.

While admiring this place with those little puppy eyes, we move towards what is our main agenda; FOOD! O yes, food can never be forgotten.

So we aimed towards this menu! A smart and chic menu! Choicest for all! Well the fun part of this place is while they have a fixed menu on card; they keep doing specials for weekdays, weekends, special days and so on; everything equally alluring.


With such an amazing menu, we finally decided to at least get a head start. To start with, we ordered the Corn n Cheese Sandwich with an Espresso shot. Kick start as they call it!

The Corn n Cheese Sandwich; A tasty delight! A bite was enough to say how good it was. Generous amounts of Corn in Cheese served with Mashed Potato and brilliantly done Coleslaw. We knew we had a great start.


Espresso Shot; Look at that! Served with cookies, it is apt to give that much needed kick for the day.


Following this was confusion; a want for more and such a huge spread. We finally decided over the next in order, Mashed Potato, Curried Chicken Sandwich and A Hot Coffee.

Mashed Potato; Possibly the best we had! Such smooth consistency and beautifully herbed this is, we love every bite of it and savour it for long.


Curried Chicken Sandwich; Such apt name and equally apt taste which lingers on your tongue for long. Loved the chicken!


Hot Coffee is love! Drowning down in a conversation with this beauty in this ambience is the best feeling. Love this!


And the third course for us was still pending (our hearts couldn’t get fulfilled). So we resorted for The Egg Salad Sandwich and Thai Curry with Noodles.

Egg Salad Sandwich; this is the best in my opinion. I love the fillings so much. Creamy, refreshing, eggy and everything good about it.


Thai Curry with Noodles; one authentic preparation for the Thai Curry with nicely done noodles to end with was such a fulfilling experience. Happiness!


The Breakfast Story is an experience in itself, you are at ease, at peace inside those doors. A special mention of the owner Mr. Mukul Kulkarni for his amazing hospitality and a connect to people in a way you feel like going back again and again.

Highly Recommended! Much Loved!


What is your Review on it ?

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