Rajdhani Thali – Ek Khandani Parampara

Rajdhani Thali – Ek khandani parampara, as the name suggest to me, it’s a Khandani affair. I was introduced to it by my uncle who is a foodie and a fan of Rajdhani and its been over Decade now .I am still following this place and every time I go , I fall in love with them and my hunger never satiate. It Defines their  Consistency .

We went to the newly opened velachery branch of Rajdhani Thali for the BOGO offer on the World Vegetarian Day , A perfect way to celebrate vegetarianism. It doesn’t matter in which city you go to Rajdhani, it will always be the same(I have tried them in 4 states across India).

When you enter the place you will be greeted in the traditional Indian way with an aarti thali and a little tika on your forehead,making you feel all royal. The welcome is such an instant feel good that they immediately score a point here.

The staff is wonderfully trained and I was in a conversation with one of the manager and he told me that after they get recruited they get special training in understanding the protocols of how Rajdhani works and if you have not noticed it until now, notice it the next time you are there and see how, with different hand signs they have a proper conversation with each other, to mention a few thumbs up for water, thumbs down for butter milk , 4 fingers for the curries , 3 fingers for Dal , sweet Dal  and Kadhi, (correct me if i am wrong ).

I would apologize for this post without pictures, because we were very busy eating so there was no time to take pictures.For Pictures you can  check official Rajdhani Thali website.

Once we took our place in front of the Empty thali with 17 katoris, our journey started with the variety of mouth-watering food.

To start with, you will get a welcome drink ours was kokum sharbat .

As a starter we got Daal baati churma which was authentic.

In farsaan , they served us Dhokla and pea kachori with Green coriander chutney and sweet chutney.

In vegetables, Paneer curry , Green Vegetable curry, Potato curry and Gatta(gram flour) curry.

For Indian Bread , they always have phulka , Bajre ka Rota, jowar or makai ka rota and Palak puri with unlimited Ghee.

In Dal they have two varieties Tikha and meetha ,In additon to it they will have kadhi to serve. it will be authentic the way it is served in Gujarat or Rajasthan.

In Rice  they generally have Plain rice, masaledaar Khichdi, and Pulao . In chennai they will also serve you Curd Rice.

Additionally , There will be salad , pickle  , Chutneys, Papad and  Butter Milk.

For the Dessert , It was Hot Gulab jamun which will melt in your mouth  , and Jalebi with Rabdi .Both were Lip smacking.

Every Time I visit Rajdhani it’s a new Experience for me.

In this review,we might have missed many items which we ate .So go there and share your experience with us .

let us know , what we have missed 🙂

Ambiance – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 4.5/5
Price – 800-900 rupees for two(approx.)

NOTE : This is not a paid review. It’s based on our experience of going there and we paid for our own meal.


Lucknow ka Khana

This Post is special in a way , It is about the culture of Lucknow (along with the food 🙂   ) which I have tasted on my recent trip and it has made my journey all the more delicious and mouth-watering. If not for anything else I would definitely go back to Lucknow to try out more food. Till then we’ll have to suffice with the few that I was able to catch up on recently.

First of all I have to specially Thank my Friend Aakash Tiwari without whom this journey of tasting Lucknow-food would have been incomplete. It was his extra efforts because of which I got to taste the specialties amidst the busy schedule we had .Thank you Aakash for your wonderful support and help to Ghumtabhukkad 🙂

When you talk about Lucknow, the first thing that come into your mind is  Nawab, kabab and Tehzeeb. Tezjeeb or as it would be interpreted in English as “culture” or etiquette is so much ingrained in the people, that it cannot be ignored. You notice it, wherever you go whether it is a tea vendor or a 5 star hotel manager,it is an integral part of their functioning.

Now the food I had there were more of snack time specialties from a few different shop which have stood the test of taste and time and are hot favorites of the locals. So far I ate :

Farrey with chilly-coriander and garlic chutney :

This was something new which I never ever tried in my life, it’s prepared with rice flour and lentil, outer part is made up of rice flour and it is stuffed with dal powder in it and the chutney was spicy and it tasted perfect in a way that both were a contradiction in taste.



Khasta with Matar(White peas) and Aloo ki sabji :

Khasta, looks like kachori but stuffing inside is different. Generally kachori has a stuffing of aloo but here it was a stuffing of  Udad daal or black daal crushed  and it was served with Matar(White peas) and Aloo ki sabji. While tasting you can feel the crispness of the Khasta , break it and fill the sabji served with it . It tasted heavenly , combination of spicy sabji and khasta was simply delicious.


Dahi-jalebi :

I know when you hear of this combination you will raise a skeptical eyebrow but trust me what a combination this is. Moving on from my first reaction to when I ate the first bite , I was delightfully surprised ! I tried this combination at 2-3 shops and it was the same delicious everywhere. Curd was perfect not sour not too sweet with the piping hot jalebi which was deep-fried in desi Ghee 🙂 it melted my heart completely.


Kadai dudh : 

I tried this from Ashvini dudh and lassi on latouse Road, this shop is a landmark there standing strong from decades and it is a  must visit place if you are going to Lucknow. A Glass of hot milk(milk boiled till it changes its color) in which there was rabdi at the bottom and Malai as a topping, will certainly tempt you for more.


Share your experiences and the dishes you have tried . So that next time ,when we visit Lucknow we will try it.