Triveni , banglore

Today we are going to tell you a secret,which we have found near wilson garden,Banglore.

Amidst the chaos in an around Wilson Garden, tucked right below Karnataka Bank is Vijayalakshmi Stores, Established in 1974, the store is one that you will definitely not notice unless you know what it is famous for and what is the real deal there.
The place has all the small stuff that a usual store would sell. The uniqueness of the store is the savored dish Triveni that is sold there.
The dish is a combination of 3 items Gulkhand, Banana and Butter(you can see that in a picture below).
As we are curious soul, we wanted to know more about Triveni .They told us that the dish was prepared back in 1974 and has been sold ever since.
Another variant to the dish is the Triveni with Ice Cream, where a slice of ice cream is put on the cup.
The dish is a very soothing and completely refreshing. It is something that is very different and takes your taste buds by surprise.
There is no place to sit or stand as this place is bang on the main road.
You will like this place if you have a knack for experimenting with food.